Personal Details
Status Exorcised
Race Evil Spirit
Spirit Details
Specialisation Poltergeist Phenomenon
Voice Actors
Seiyū Keiji Fujiwara
First Appearance
Manga Debut The Most Horrific Haunted Place
Anime Debut Episode 1

Boss (総長 Souchou) was a spirit who appeared early on in the anime adaptation.


Boss (alive)

Boss while alive

Boss appeared to be a bald muscular human-shaped ghost with a prominent cleft chin and a black moustache. In the anime he has parts of his motorcycle fused to his back.


He had a stereotypical thug-like personality and spoke like one as well. He was also fearful of the powerful spirit deeper in Honeido Tunnel that had been ordering him and other lower level spirits around.


Boss was the leader of a biker gang. They all died while riding through Honeido Tunnel when the rider at the front slipped on a banana peel and caused an explosive pile-up


Reigen mistook him for a pro wrestler and treated him to an Exorbitant Salt Punch.

In the manga, he was exorcised by Mob.

In the anime, he went on to rest in peace after Mob showed him an old photo.

Powers & Abilities

Boss was able to utilize pyrokinetic abilities to attack people who entered Honeido Tunnel.

  • Cigarette Burn Poltergeist: Boss puts his index and middle finger together and releases a very powerful blast of pyrokinesis. It was blocked by Mob's barrier to defend Reigen.


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