Ceiling Crasher

Ceiling Crasher

Ceiling Challenger2

Personal Details
Status Exorcised
Race Evil Spirit
Voice Actor Bill Rogers[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Ceiling Crasher (天井破り, Tenjouyaburi) was a spirit who appeared early on in the series. He was the first ghost to appear and be exorcised in the series.


Ceiling Crasher appeared to be a human-shaped ghost who wore clothes and had puffy green hair.


He seemed to behave like a stereotypical ghost, threatening to haunt people's dreams.


Ceiling Crasher was apparently a man who struck his head on the ceiling of the building after seeing a cockroach.


Ceiling Crasher had been haunting Hanako's dreams after she did something daring eliciting Hanako to call in Arataka Reigen to exorcise him. Reigen fails, but calls in Mob, who nonchalantly exorcises him upon arrival.

Powers & Abilities

According to the Ceiling Crasher, he is able to put a curse on his victims, which crashes them into the ceiling of the room they are in. He was also able to haunt Hanako in her dreams.