From The Telepathy Club - Kurata Tome
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Volume 1
Arc Spring of Youth Arc
Chapter 3
Anime Episode 2
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From The Telepathy Club - Kurata Tome is the third chapter of the Mob Psycho 100 manga series.


Salt Middle School is introduced, and Takenaka is shown quitting from the Telepathy Club because of people judging him. He is already filling a spot and is not interested in telepathy, so he decides to leave. The other four members of the club, Tome Kurata, Inukawa, Kijibayashi, and Saruta try to find another member to fill the gap, lest the club be disbanded by student council. vice-president Tokugawa immediately appears, threatening to disband the club. He notes that the club has no activity reported and suspects that Tome has been using the club funds to buy snacks for the club. He sets a deadline of the next day to find a new member. The club goes through many students before Inukawa states that he knows somebody who is not in a club and just goes home after school, Shigeo Kageyama. He brings Mob to the club to meet all the other members, and Mob says that Tome has the same name as his grandmother. Then, Inukawa exclaims that Kageyama is a esper. Then, it is shown that there are 30 minutes until the club disbands.

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  • "Do you want to piss me off, the vice president Tokugawa?" - Tokugawa
  • "The president has snapped!" - Kijibayashi
  • "Tome-chan... The same name as my grandmother." - Shigeo Kageyama