Claw (爪, Tsume) was a criminal organisation composed of many espers. They recruited espers to strengthen themselves and planned to overthrow the world government.[1] The organisation was founded and led by Toichiro Suzuki, but since he was defeated, it now seems to be defunct.



The Scars of Claw's 7th Division.

Scars (傷, Kizu) were the upper echelon within the divisions of the organisation, composed of particularly powerful espers. When a member of Claw defied and/or challenged the boss, a wound was placed on them and they become a Scar.[2]
In each division, there was "division leader" who was the most powerful Scar in the respective division. In total, there were 20 divisions and 20 division leaders.[3] The 7th division leader was defeated by Sho Suzuki; the rest were defeated during Claw's world domination attempt by foreign mercenaries and the combined efforts of Teruki HanazawaTakeuchi, Takeshi Hoshino, Go Asahi, Kaito Shiratori, and Daichi Shiratori (and Terada).
According to the Scars themselves, the scar was a representation of the boss acknowledging the recipient's skills.[2] In actuality, the the scars were marks to show the recipients had been "crossed out" and deemed useless by the boss; they would be disposed of once world domination was completed. The true upper echelon of the organisation was later revealed to be the Super 5.[4]

The 7th Division


The base of the 7th Division.

The former 7th Division of Scars was located in Japan. Sho Suzuki was sent to report on the division and send any potentials back to Claw's HQ, but later disbanding it after witnessing how "weak" they were. At the time of its disbandment, there were 11 Scars, led by Ishiguro.

Claw HQ

Super 5

The boss and the Super 5

The HQ was the most important division in the Claw hierarchy, composed of the boss, the Super 5, the Antenna Team, many low-ranking subordinates, and an army of 600 espers. It was revealed by Matsuo that everyone in the 600 person army was originally a non-esper; however, after Suzuki imbued them with his power, they were powerful enough in groups to collapse buildings without breaking a sweat. Fukuda, Higashio, and Ootsuki were also once former Scars from the HQ, but later joined Sho in his resistance against his father.

In preparation for world domination, the boss hired 10[5] foreign mercenaries from around the world, rumoured to be on par with Claw's strongest espers, the Super 5.[6] However, they later turned against the organisation and were annihilated by the Super 5 after a failed attempt from an assassin sent by the government to overthrow the boss.

Claw receives massive financial backup for its army from several religious cults, including the "Amaterasu House", "Creation Tree", "Karma Club", "Future Outlook Board", etc.[7] These cults were started by the organisation within the last 20 years via impressing followers with psychic powers. In return for the sponsorship, they were promised a position after Claw conquered the world. The building belonging to the "Amaterasu House" cult was used as the meeting point for the organisation before the world domination plan initiated.

Super 5

The Super 5 (5超, Gochō) were the true upper echelon of Claw.[4] They worked directly under the boss and were the only ones he really trusted. Each member was immensely powerful and possessed a variety of unique abilities:

  • Hatori: the weakest in terms of battle power, but the most useful in terms of support and influence. He can hijack and manipulate electronic equipment and signals; even he himself isn't sure how his power works. With no trouble at all, he was able to hijack every television channel's broadcast simultaneously.
  • Katsuya Serizawa: uses extremely powerful psychokinesis, capable of withstanding and escaping Joseph's immobilizing "White Noise" attack and Sho's "Charge Bomb" attack. He can imbue energy into his umbrella, using it as both defense and offense, or breaking out of psychic binds. Eventually, he becomes able use his power without the umbrella.
  • Minegishi: manipulates and grows plants with his energy. They are capable of withstanding psychic attacks from Mob. They can also suck life energy of those who get caught in them, an ability Minegishi often uses in combat. Minegishi claims that he can grow an entire jungle if he wants to, even in a terrain such as in a city.
  • Shibata: a large individual, the tallest in the series so far, who uses psychic power to manipulate his muscle mass. He fights with brute force.
  • Shimazaki: has several overpowered abilities, including teleportation, free control over his dense psychic barrier, reading his enemies movements, and locating (or "seeing") all espers in the surrounding area with a radius of at least 200 m. He is also one of the few espers who can use two psychic abilities simultaneously.

Antenna Team


The Antenna Team was a group of espers specialised in extra-sensory perception created by the boss to supervise all internal and external activites.[8] They were used in the world domination attempt to monitor the on-going battles, contact with the Super 5, and search for espers throughout Seasoning City.


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