This is an episode list of the Mob Psycho 100 anime series.

List of Episodes

# Title Original Airdate
01Self-Proclaimed Psychic: Reigen Arataka ~And Mob~
Jishō Rei Nōryoku-sha: Reigen Shin Takashi ~to Mobu~ (自称霊能力者: 霊幻新隆 ~とモブ~)
11th July, 2016
02Doubts About Youth ~The Telepathy Club Appears~
Aoi Haru no Gimon ~Nōkan Denpa-bu Tōjō~ (青い春の疑問 ~脳感電波部登場~)
18th July, 2016
03An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular~
Tsudoi e no Sasoi ~Kantan ni iu to Motetai~ (集いへの誘い ~簡単に言うとモテたい~)
25th July, 2016
04Idiots Only Event ~Kin~
Baka Onrīibento ~Dōrui~ (馬鹿オンリーイベント ~同類~)
1st August, 2016
05OCHIMUSHA ~Psychic Power and Me~
OCHIMUSHA ~Chō Nōryoku to Boku~ (OCHIMUSHA ~超能力と僕~)
8th August, 2016
06Discord ~To Become One~
Fuchōwa ~Naru Tame Ni~ (不調和 ~成るために~)
15th August, 2016
07Exaltation ~I've Obtained Loss~
Kōyō ~Sōshitsu o Teniireta~ (昂揚 ~喪失を手に入れた~)
22nd August, 2016
08The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~
Ani Peko ~Hakai Ishi~ (兄ペコ ~破壊意思~)
29th August, 2016
09“Claw” ~7th Division~
“Tsume” ~Dai 7 Shibu~ (“爪” ~第7支部~)
5th September, 2016
10The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~
Kyoaku no Ōra ~Kuromaku~ (巨悪のオーラ ~黒幕~)
12th September, 2016
11Master ~Leader~
Shishō ~leader~ (師匠 ~leader~)
19th September, 2016
12Mob and Reigen ~A Giant Tsuchinoko Appears~
Mobu to Reigen ~Kyodai Tsuchinoko no Maki~ (モブと霊幻 ~巨大ツチノコの巻~)
26th September, 2016

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