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Graphic Exorcism
Oharai Graphic
Kanji 御祓いグラフィック
Rōmaji Oharai Gurafikku
Battle Data
Class Editing skill
Range Self range
Manga Chapter 9
Anime Episode 4
Arataka Reigen
Graphic Exorcism (呪術クラッシュ, Oharai Gurafikku) is a technique used by Arataka Reigen.


The technique was used by Reigen when he received a request from a pair of lovers to exorcise a ghost appearing in their photograph. Reigen, however, simply uses a photo editing software to drive the ghost away. While Reigen seems to be capable of finishing the task within a short amount of time, he still made mistakes, since he accidentally erases his client's eyebrow. As a result, Reigen needs to redo his task.


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