Hideki Yamamura

Hideki Yamamura anime2

Hideki Yamamura serious face

Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 14
Esper? No
Professional Details
School Salt Middle School
Club Body Improvement Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 2

Hideki Yamamura (山村秀樹, Yamamura Hideki) is a student of Salt Middle School and a member of the Body Improvement Club.


Hideki Yamamura stats

Yamamura's stats

Yamamura is a very plain yet clearly muscular student with flat black hair, small eyes and a generally emotionless expression. He wears the typical t-shirt and black shorts that the rest of his club wears. Yamamura does not stick out much.


He does not stick out much and has not said much so his overall personality is hard to guess. However it is known that he is apparently quite good at singing but dislikes bell peppers.


To be added.

Powers & Abilities

Hideki Yamamura test scores

Yamamura's test scores (in order: Japanese, Math, Sociology, Science, and English)

Hideki is extremely muscular and strong for his age, being able to effortlessly beat up a very large group of boys his own age alongside the rest of the Body Improvement Club.[1] However he is no match for an Esper.

He appears to have a very slightly above average level of intelligence, his best subject being Sociology.[2]


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