Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Esper? Yes
Professional Details
Affiliation Government
Esper Details
Specialisation Smoke Manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 79
Joseph (ヨシフ Yoshifu) is an Esper mercenary and assassin hired by the government.


Joseph has a shaved head with a widow's peak. His face, hair, eyes, and eyebrows are all the same color. He is usually seen smoking a cigarette.


As part of his cover, he portrays himself as a greedy mercenary instead of an agent. (Which is weird, because compromising Japan for JUST 100 million dollars is dirt-cheap. He is probably the Reigen Arataka of the mercenary world but only with legit powers.) However in the recent updates, he shows himself as a serious, ruthless, and strict handler of dangerous esper criminals, not hesitating to push a button that could kill said criminals should they step out of line.

As a secret government agent and powerful esper with a dangerous ability, Joseph is overconfident and analytical, evidenced on how he is able to guess Toichiro's hidden motivations correctly twice, albeit in general (he gussed that there was something more to his goal on world domination, which is correct, because he was finding his estranged wife. The second time was him wondering why Toichiro wanted to proceed to the mission alone because the target was probably someone he knew, which is also correct). He can also be manipulative, managing to deceive his fellow mercenaries to start riots within Claw to buy time and reduce the number of fighters within the organization to railroad their goal.

However, he can badly misjudge and underestimate his opponent due to his arrogance, such as revealing his true identity as an assassin first to Toichiro instead of assassinating him as assigned. This allowed Serizawa to sneak up behind him and berate him for his dishonesty, Joseph did not hesitate to use his powers against him, which might as well equate to death if the latter wasn't as powerful as he is; thus showing his more ruthless side.



Joseph's first appearance is on chapter 79 (Gathering) standing on top of a building along with Wood, a fellow mercenary, with the former commenting on how 'astounding' the buildings are and they were made by 'men'.

Powers & Abilities

He can solidify the smoke from his cigarette to trap opponents. According to him, it becomes as strong as steel, immobilizing his opponents and if fully encased, will slowly suffocate. Apparently, he claims that now he is against Toichiro, he will take even more drastic measures.



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