Koyama anime


Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Esper? Yes
Professional Details
Affiliation Claw (formerly)
Rank Scar (formerly)
Esper Details
Specialisation Telekinetic Helix
Voice Actors
Seiyū Shinichiro Miki
Voice Actor Keith Silverstein[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 22
Anime Debut Episode 8

Koyama (誇山, Koyama) is an esper and a former member of Claw. He was part of the upper echelon called "Scar".


Koyama has a mohawk mirrored by a goatee, a diagonal scar across the centre of his face, a lip ring, three earrings in each ear, and a blatant lack of eyebrows.


Koyama is prideful, reckless and easily frustrated. He has no qualms about using violence against kids and is a self-proclaimed "asshole", who will brutalize even opponents who willingly submit to him. It's possible that this is his ruthless way of making others learn to never do evil, at least in regards to commoners. He is prideful, and insists that he did not "lose" against Mob, even though he fled the scene rather than risking facing ???% Mob. He is willing to fight dirty, using cheap shots and knockout gas to try and defeat opponents that his sheer power can't overwhelm.

He showcases being naive from time to time, and often overlooks things or tries to avoid the scenario that's too difficult for him.

However later on his personality changes to reveal that he's willing enough to work with old enemies against a common opponent.


Koyama was assigned to capture Ritsu. When he got his hands on Ritsu, Mob intervened and beat him up severely. Before Mob could defeat him, he used Sakurai's cursed perfume to put him to sleep, then quickly escaped with Ritsu.[2] Later, he encountered Mob at the base of Claw's 7th Division and instigated a completely one-sided battle, which he almost immediately lost.[3]

Later, he decided to work together with Reigen and his allies to combat Claw's world domination plan.

Powers & Abilities

Koyama is a specialist of fighting in melee using his psychic powers, enhancing his blows using telekinesis to easily shatter psychic barriers.

Telekinetic Helix:[4] Koyama concentrates and revolves his psychic energy around his limbs and extremities to allow him to penetrate psychic barriers.[5]

  • Energy Bomb: A sub-technique of Telekinetic Helix, Koyama concentrates and revolves his psychic energy around his arm and then attacks with a strong lariat into the target's stomach.[6]

Notes & Trivia

  • He almost threw up when Shigeo made his and Sakurai's car fly, suggesting he may suffer from motion sickness.



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