Minori Asagiri
Minori Asagiri
Personal Details
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 14
Esper? No
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 59

Minori Asagiri (浅桐 みのり, Asagiri Minori) is a middle-school girl and the daughter of a wealthy businessman.


She is a pretty girl with short, light-coloured hair and bangs.


Minori is very spoiled and very cruel. The first we see of her, she throws a tantrum due to dissatisfaction over lavish birthday presents. This is her true personality, according to her father, that existed before she was possessed by Mogami. Within the world Mogami created and trapped Mob in, she acts very similarly. She bullies, isolates and abuses Mob. Apparently, she does this because she wants to prove herself superior, and by preying on those who are weaker and can't stand up for themselves, she establishes her position. However, after being saved by Mob, she is brought to tears and resolves to become a better person because of him.


Before appearing in the story, she was possessed by Mogami to punish her for hurting other people and using her popularity to ruin their lives.


Due to her habitual harm of the weak, Mogami targeted her for possession. Following her possession, she was confined to a basement room in her father's mansion. Although it was treated as a psychological issue by her father and the doctors who met with her, after Mogami used her body to kill a doctor brought to examine her, it was realised that she was truly possessed. She was also handcuffed to her bed. After this, her father called for psychics to exorcise the spirit from her body. Many psychics gathered to observe her, were shown a video of her before her possession and were then led to the room where Asagiri was confined. Deciding to use rock-paper-scissors to decide who would attempt an exorcism first, Reigen won first place. When Reigen interrogated her, the spirit claimed that her father was cruelly confining here there and that the doctors he brought to treat her were actually men who touch her against her will. The rest of the psychics were shocked and turned on Minori's father however, Reigen revealed the fallacies in the spirit's ploy. The spirit used different pronouns to refer to herself and called Minori's father differently. Exposed, the spirit admitted its attempt to trick them and allowed the psychics to attempt an exorcism, assured in its strength.