MP100 OST cover

Mob Psycho 100 OST cover

Mob Psycho 100 Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music from the Mob Psycho 100 anime adaptation. It was produced by Kenji Kawai and was released on 23rd November, 2016.

Track listing

Disc 1

  1. The Smell of Spirits (霊の匂い)
  2. Mob - Explosion of Emotions (モブ・感情の爆発)
  3. 99 TV EDIT
  4. Reigen - Scammer's Theme (霊幻・詐欺師のテーマ)
  5. Are you for real... (マジかよ…)
  6. I don't like scary things (怖いもの嫌い)
  7. Mob's stress is welling up #1 (沸き出すモブのストレス1)
  8. Spirit VS Salt Splash! (霊vsソルトスプラッシュ!)
  9. Creeping Spirit (忍び寄る霊)
  10. It's Reigen's turn!! (霊幻のターン!)
  11. A spirit's feelings (霊の想い)
  12. Mob's stress is welling up #2 (沸き出すモブのストレス2)
  13. The Telepathy Club's struggle (脳感電波部のあがき)
  14. Easy-going tactics (ユルい駆け引き)
  15. Tome's pumped up! (トメの気合い!)
  16. Mob's stress is welling up #3 (沸き出すモブのストレス3)
  17. Tense - Mob's heart beats faster (緊張・モブのドキドキ)
  18. Mob's decision!! I want to improve my body (モブの決意!~肉体改造したい!~)
  19. Curse Crash! (呪術クラッシュ!)
  20. The Telepathy Club fades out (消え行く脳感電波部)
  21. Dull Days (冴えない日常)
  22. Student Council - Tokugawa the Cold (生徒会・冷酷な徳川)
  23. Kurata Tome ♡ (暗田トメ♡)
  24. Body Improvement Club!! (肉体改造部!)
  25. A first love's feelings! (初恋の気持ち!)
  26. Converter (LOL) cult (勧誘者“(笑)教")
  27. (LOL) cult leader - Dimple ("(笑)教"教祖~エクボ~)
  28. Smile Mask (スマイルマスク)
  29. I want to communicate with extraterrestrial beings! (地球外生命体との交信したいの!)
  30. Those who plan to conquer the world (世界征服を臨むもの)
  31. Smile Leader (スマイルリーダー)
  32. Dimple's evil intentions (エクボの悪意)
  33. Dimple's true nature (エクボの本性)
  34. Trauma (トラウマ)
  35. Mob - Exorcism (モブ・除霊)
  36. Case Closed (一件落着)
  37. Japan's Thugs (日本の不良)
  38. The love letter trap (ラブレターの罠)
  39. The Body Improvement Club joins the fray! (肉体改造部参上!)
  40. Mob's stress is welling up #4 (沸き出すモブのストレス4)
  41. Reigen - Pushing through with words (霊幻・話術押し)
  42. Goodbye, Dimple (さようなら・エクボ)
  43. Seeping Evil (染み出す悪意)
  44. Teru - Theme of Surging Psychic Powers (テル・高ぶる超能力のテーマ)
  45. Defeated Samurai (落ち武者)

Disc 2

  1. The Kageyama brothers' feud - Invisible wall (影山兄弟の確執・見えない壁)
  2. Those who flock to strength (力に群がる人々)
  3. The secret group's total power! (密裏グループの総力!)
  4. Lies and Truth (嘘と誠)
  5. Koyama joins the battle (誇山参上)
  6. Aroma Wild Express (アロマ暴走特急)
  7. Terada appears! (寺蛇登場!?)
  8. World Conquest - Claw (世界征服・爪)
  9. Gen-san's Melancholy (ゲンさんの憂鬱)
  10. Claw's Boy - Shou (爪の少年・ショウ)
  11. Muto's Curse and Fall (霧藤の呪いと崩壊)
  12. The enemy blocking the way (立ち塞がる敵)
  13. The Kageyama brothers' feud - Jealousy (影山兄弟の確執・嫉妬)
  14. Fighting together and Sense of accomplishment (共闘と達成感)
  15. GO GO REIGEN! (GOGO霊幻!)
  16. Ishiguro's sudden attack (遺志黒の急襲)
  17. Reigen's Words (霊幻の言葉)
  18. Inside Ishiguro (遺志黒の中身)
  19. Mob - Release of Power (モブ・力の解放)
  20. The Kageyama brothers' feud - Bond between brothers (影山兄弟の確執・兄弟の絆)
  21. The last job - Tsuchinoko (最後の仕事・ツチノコ)
  22. Preview track - The next danger approaches! (予告曲・襲い来る次なる危機!)
  23. Refrain Boy - TV SIZE (リフレインボーイ -TV size-)

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