Psycho Helmet
Psycho Helmet
Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Evil Spirit
Spirit Details
Specialisation Mass Hypnosis
Chlorokinesis (Broccoli-based)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 95

Psycho Helmet is an entity born from the "Divine Tree", the gargantuan broccoli born from the aftermath of Touichirou Suzuki and Mob's battle.[1] In truth, Psycho Helmet is the result of Dimple merging with the roots of the Divine Tree in order to finally accomplish his original goal of becoming a god of the modern world.[2]


Psycho Helmet takes on the appearance of the Psycho Helmet Cult's logo. Despite being unclothed, he 'wears' Salt Mid's uniform. Overall, Psycho Helmet closely resembles Mob.


On the surface, Psycho Helmet preaches peace and happiness through the power of belief. However, underneath this façade he shows signs of megalomania and possesses traits of someone with a god complex. He believes that it is a blessing for people to succumb to his brainwashing hypnosis ability.[3]

As an extension of Dimple, Psycho Helmet's single goal to become a god of the modern world massively influences his actions.


At the Psycho Helmet Cult meeting, he introduces himself, outlining why he hadn't shown his face so far. Psycho Helmet then states his intentions, adding to worship the Divine Tree as if it were him. Other factions then doubt his words and tell him to stop lying, so Psycho Helmet raises his hand at tells them it was time for them to witness a miracle before making a large broccoli grow from the stage.[4]

When Teruki Hanazawa almost falls under the brainwashing of one of the Divine Tree products, he goes to take down the person behind it. There he encounters Psycho Helmet who briefly puts him under hypnosis whilst telling him not to harm the Divine Tree. However, Teru breaks free from the brainwashing and attacks him. Psycho Helmet then reminds him not to attack the Divine Tree whilst mentioning that with him at the centre, everyone could be happy.

Powers & Abilities

Psycho Helmet is capable of manipulating plant life, although this seems limited to only broccoli-based plants. He has been shown to be able to spontaneously grow large broccoli from the floor of a stage.[5] He draws power from the Divine Tree as it strengthens his existence.[6] While not as powerful as an esper of Teruki Hanazawa's level, inside the Divine Tree, Psycho Helmet is able to continuously regenerate his broccoli-based body if it is damaged and is also able to take on larger forms.[7] Those that enter inside the Divine Tree will have their psychic energy continuously drained by the tree.[8]

Mass Hypnosis: Psycho Helmet has displayed the ability of hypnosis and is capable of employing it to an incredibly large and powerful degree. Psycho Helmet is able to brainwash those that ingest edibles that derive from the Divine Tree by taking control of their emotions, however, a powerful enough esper can resist these effects.[9] In person, the power of Psycho Helmet's hypnosis increases, being able to briefly subdue an esper of Teruki Hanazawa's level.[6]


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