Ryo Shimazaki
Ryou Shimazaki
Personal Details
Status Alive
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Esper? Yes
Professional Details
Affiliation Claw (formerly)
Rank Super 5 (formerly)
Esper Details
Specialisation Teleportation
Movement Prediction
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 81

Ryo Shimazaki (島崎亮, Shimazaki Ryō) is a powerful esper, member of the now defunct terrorist organisation Claw and a former part of the Super 5.


He has spiky hair with a few strands astray over his forehead, heavy eyebrows, sharp nose and pale skin. He wears a dark colored suit jacket with black shirt, pants, and shoes. He often wears a smile and his eyelids are usually closed but when they are opened they reveal that he does not have eyes.


He was only following the boss around because it sounded like fun.[1]


Not much is known about Shimazaki, although in the omake First Meeting, he appears alongside Minegishi to celebrate Serizawa's welcome party, implying they were already part of Claw three years before the story started.


When Shimazaki first appeared, the boss informed him they were executing their plan and he then proceeded to kidnap the president. He was then attacked by Teruki Hanazawa who briefly took his interest with his array of abilities, before Shimazaki defeated him and left.[2]

When the resistance group were traversing through the tunnels to the Claw HQ, Shimazaki encountered them and quickly defeated them all before returning to the HQ. After returning, the boss immediately told him to deal with his son, Sho. Exasperated, he left and encountered the duo of Sho and Ritsu. Ritsu took Shimazaki on instead, with the latter allowing Sho to pass, but their bout was one-sided in Shimazaki's favour. Just then, the rest of the resistance group arrived and they all took him on in tandem.

However, despite their overwhelming numbers, Shimazaki made quick work of most of the group and got ready to finish it up. After some comments from their side, Shimazaki reasoned Teru was the biggest threat and concentrated on attacking him. However, before he could defeat the teenager, Teru began the counter-attack allowing the others to also get their attacks in, injuring Shimazaki greatly. Angered by the loss of his advantage, Shimazaki got really serious and quickly knocked everyone (bar Teru) out. Feeling an immense power incoming, Shimazaki prepared to intercept them until he was suddenly struck down by Reigen's attack. Seeing the futility of his situation, Shimazaki promptly gave up and fled.

Powers & Abilities

Shimazaki is a remarkably powerful esper, believing himself to be the strongest esper in the world, second only to the boss of Claw.[3] He has shown himself to be far stronger than most opponents with his basic esper abilities alone, such as when he nonchalantly took the punch of Higashio's rubble golem without moving or taking any damage.[4] However, despite his fearsome psychic powers, Shimazaki's fighting movements are too simple, something which Teruki Hanazawa took advantage of by predicting his attacks.[5] Shimazaki is one of the few people who can use two psychic abilities simultaneously.

Extrasensory Perception: Shimazaki uses his extrasensory perception to perceive his surroundings, something which more than compensates for his lack of vision. Using his ESP, he is capable of 'seeing' much more than the average person, such as being able to remotely count the number of people and cameras are in an press conference room.[6]

  • Super Sensory Zone "Mind's Eye":[7] By concentrating hard enough and focusing his 'antenna' his extrasensory perception will sharpen until all he can "see" are other esper's auras.[8] In this augmented state, Shimazaki is capable of discerning and attacking one's vital spots, causing his victims to collapse with blurry eyesight, twitching fingers and constricting pupils; he used this to to halt the resistance group's combination attacks.[9] However, if an esper is strong enough, they can overcome the effects of these blows.

Teleportation & Movement Prediction: Shimazaki has the psychic ability to teleport at will and predict other's movements.[2] If an opponent is going to attack, he pre-emptively predicts their movement enabling him to either teleport out of the way or raise his psychic barrier. However, the loophole in this power is distraction and unpredictability,[10] as proven by Teruki and Ritsu using this to their advantage.[11]


  • (Shimazaki talking to the boss via cellphone) "Oh traitors? How many have been injured? How many out? Don't tell me....we're gonna postpone it?"[12]
  • (Shimazaki's thoughts after being beaten by Arataka Reigen) "Grandmaster...? The opposing team has still got a leader of this calibre. I didn't think it was possible for an esper to disguise himself as weak as an insect or a bug... I took too much punches without my barrier. What should I do....Retreat? But..."[13]


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