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Odor Sniffer

Personal Details
Status Exorcised
Race Evil Spirit
Spirit Details
Specialisation Poltergeist Phenomenon
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 56
Anime Debut Episode 2

Scent-Ghoul (匂い嗅ぎ Nioikagi) was a spirit who appeared and made his home terrorizing the students at a private girls' high school.


He was a huge bespectacled ghost with a blotchy green form.


In life he was a loser and as a ghost he was an unrestrained pervert. He also had a fondness for nice smelling girls.


While alive, as a youth, he was a loser who got nervous around girls. After becoming a ghost he became content with life.


He terrorised the girls at Highso Private Girls' Academy, peeking on them in toilets and moving around their bra and panties.[1] Mari and Chihiro then hired Reigen and Mob to get rid of him. After Mob trapped him in the basketball court, Scent-Ghoul attacked but was effortlessly repelled and then destroyed.[2] As he was fading away, he likened Mob to himself and asked if Mob if he was living life to the fullest.[3]

Powers & Abilities

Like a typical evil spirit, Scent-Ghoul was capable of performing Poltergeist Phenomenom, being able to physically interact with the environment.


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