This page lists the volumes and story arcs within Mob Psycho 100.

For a chapter list by volumes, see Chapters.

Spring of Youth Arc

Chapters 1 to 4


We are introduced to Shigeo Kageyama and Arataka Reigen, the main protagonists of the series. While Mob, the naturally born esper, is looking for his purpose in life, Reigen is trying to use Mob's power to fuel his own business, the "Talk About Spirits Agency". Meanwhile, the Telepathy Club at Salt Middle School, which Mob is attending, is about to be disbanded unless they find another member. Tome Kurata, the club president, is ultimately unable to convince Mob who ends up joining the Body Improvement Club instead.

(LOL) Cult Arc

Chapters 5 to 9


In an effort to become popular, Mob is invited to a cult meeting of a religious organisation known as (LOL). Lord Dimple, the leader of the cult, used psychic powers to compel his followers to laugh. Ichi Mezato, a member of the journalist club, wished to report on the activities of (LOL) so she went down to one of the meetings; while there, Dimple used his powers to make her laugh. He then moved on to Mob, but was unable to compel to him laugh causing his followers to start voicing their concerns. After a quick staring contest which Mob won effortlessly, Mob destroyed the atmosphere Dimple had made using his psychic powers. Dimple caused Mob to reach an emotional peak by trying to forcibly make him laugh, and to assert his position as strongest. Mob, in his anger, destroyed Dimple, only for the latter to show up on the next day to follow Mob, for the purpose of using Mob's powers to make him a god to the common people. Mob was absolutely opposed, on the assertion that psychic power didn't make people any better than others.

In the aftermath, the former (LOL) cultists decided to form a cult around Mob instead, after witnessing his power.

Teruki Hanazawa Arc

Chapters 10 to 19


After losing to the Urabanchou of another middle school, Onigawara attempted to get the Body Improvement Club to help him fight. The Body Improvement Club was solidly against needless violence and refused. Onigawara then orchestrated a plan in which Mob was captured by the opposing middle school and the Body Improvement Club came to his rescue, thereby fighting the opposing school's delinquents. However, Teruki Hanazawa, a natural esper and the Urabanchou of Black Vinegar middle school, defeated the Body Improvement Club effortlessly. He, unlike Mob, lived his life through his psychic powers and was disgusted at Mob's outlook on living. Teru was threatened by the idea that the one thing that set him apart from everyone else was no longer unique, and proceeded to attack Mob to no avail. Dimple tried to stop this fight but was nonchalantly wiped out by Teru.

Teru tried to force Mob to use his psychic powers and, in the process, accidentally had the top of his head shaved off by a knife that Mob's barrier had deflected. Angered, Teru strangled Mob knocking the latter unconscious and, in this state, Mob's power acted on its own (hinted by the ???%) utterly defeating Teru and destroying the entire school building. Mob eventually came to his senses and put the school back together in a display of regret and sadness. This event was used by the Psycho Helmet Cult as material with which to worship their yet unknown leader.

Big Cleanup Arc

Chapters 20 to 33


After Mob's defeat of Teru, both he and his brother were approached by Ichi Mezato on the subject of Mob's psychic powers. Ritsu told her very directly that all that Mob desired was a normal life and that he wouldn't participate in any scheme she had planned. He also said that psychic power was the "base" of both his and Mob's life, despite the fact that Ritsu seemed to have none. Mezato also reflected on the clear differences between Ritsu and and Mob, in their appearances, in their personality and their popularity. Later, a meeting occurred in which the Student Council discussed a plan to clean up the school of delinquents. Shinji Kamuro said the plan was to set up complaint boxes where students could complain about the behaviour of others. Ritsu decided he supported it, to keep the school safe for his brother. Soon after, Tokugawa approached Ritsu, who was wandering about town, in a similar manner. He told Ritsu that he should not try to imitate his brother and that he was his own, better, person.

Following this event, Ritsu was approached nearby his house by the creator of the Awakening Lab, who mistook him for his brother. He was given a card and was told to visit the facility. Eventually, he did, and met the rest of the Awakening Lab's esper kids. They all seemed exceedingly weak to Ritsu, who was used to the incredible power of Mob. Following his visit to the Awakening Lab, another student council meeting occurred. They discussed the exact details of the execution of the plan. Kamuro decided that Tokugawa stood out too much and that Ritsu would be a far better candidate for his plan. Although he was hesitant at first, Ritsu was coerced by Kamuro's words and eventually agreed. Later, Tokugawa and Kamuro were seen arguing over the new School Cleanup Plan; to Tokugawa, it seemed Kamuro's initial plan was far different from the one he presented. Tokugawa told him he wouldn't support him and Kamuro threatened him with removal from the student council.

After this, Ritsu learned of the plan as well, in which evidence would be planted that casted undesirable students as guilty. Although hesitant, together, he and Kamuro removed the mouthpieces from the girls' recorders and planted the evidence in Onigawara's desk. Soon after school started, the missing mouthpieces were noticed. As the girls in the class made a fuss over the new discovery, Ritsu could be seen looking uncomfortably guilty. Afterwards, Musashi and Onigawara were seen running together.

They headed to school after finishing their run, where Onigawara entered his classroom. The girls' mouthpieces were then discovered in Onigawara's desk, with Ritsu and the rest of the class looking at Onigawara in disgust. Shocked, Onigawara attempted to defend himself. Kamuro taunted him, knowing that if Onigawara tried to hurt him, he would be expelled. Ritsu revealed recorder mouthpieces, planted in Onigawara's backpack. Onigawara, overcome by his classmates, fled in embarrassment.

After falsifying Onigawara's guilt, Ritsu discovered Dimple by the gate of his house. He was confused and so is Dimple, because Ritsu was never able to see spirits before. Dimple declared that Ritsu's psychic powers have been awakened. Excited by this discovery, Dimple told Ritsu that if he could possess him, he would be able to help Ritsu refine his control of his psychic powers. He saw that Ritsu had an inferiority complex and decided to take advantage of that and his personality. Ritsu went along, but Dimple, in his weakened state, was unable to control Ritsu's body.

Eventually, the big cleanup got out of hand with Ritsu and Kamuro ruling over the school under the pretence of making the school a tidy place. However, after a while, Kamuro was reluctant to go on with the plan due to him being targeted by other school's banchous but Ritsu forced Kamuro to be his decoy to lure out all delinquents one by one. After the breakdown of Kamuro, Ritsu beat up a few students who held a personal grudge against him, only to be discovered and lectured by Teru, who had now turned into a much more modest person. During a fight between Ritsu and the school banchous, Mob discovered Ritsu's psychic power and congratulated Ritsu. Ritsu on the other hand attempted to anger Mob and end their good relationship as brothers, only to be assaulted by Koyama, an esper of Claw. Mob was ultimately unable to stop Koyama from kidnapping Ritsu.

7th Division Arc

Chapters 34 to 50


Mob woke up at Teru's apartment, only to be told by Dimple that Ritsu had been taken. Teru informed Mob about the esper terrorist organisation called Claw, and both of them agreed to pay a visit to the Awakening Lab, from which all the esper kids had been kidnapped by Sakurai.

Koyama, after kidnapping Ritsu, informed Terada at the 7th Division that there was one more esper kid left at the Awakening Lab. Terada, getting overwhelmed by Mob and Teru, told them about the 7th Division's hideout.

Mob, Teru and Dimple arrived at the hideout, where Dimple quickly took possession of a Claw henchman. Despite their best efforts and taking down seven of the 7th Division's Scars, all three of them were eventually captured. Meanwhile, a mysterious boy defeated and captured Ritsu who had also broken out of his jail together with the esper kids.

Reigen, who was worried about Mob, tracked Mob's mobile phone down and found himself in the middle of Claw's henchmen, who mistook him for Claw's boss. He succeeded in rescuing Mob and the rest, only for the gang to be intercepted by Ishiguro, Matsuo, Sakurai and Muraki. The fight commenced with the remaining 7th Division's upper echelon threatening to overwhelm the entire group without Mob's help and Mob, on the verge of exploding, was stopped by Reigen, telling him it's okay to run away at times he didn't like it. Before Reigen got seriously injured by Sakurai, Mob inadvertently transferred all his power to Reigen, allowing the latter to temporarily handle the situation. Reigen, now brimming with Mob's power, defeated all the Scars effortlessly, and convinced them to give up their delusional world domination dream and contribute to society. Ishiguro, not accepting Reigen's words, tries one final desperate attempt to wipe everyone out but was quickly defeated by Shou, who disbanded the 7th Division.

In the aftermath, Shou talked on the phone to the Claw's boss, taunting the latter about the incompetence of the organisation. Reigen, through Mob's temporary powerup, had awakened the ability to see ghosts.

Mob's Girlfriend Mini-Arc

Chapters 51 to 52


Mezato tried to get Mob to lead the Psycho Helmet Cult one day, by making Mob the school's student council president on the election after the former, Shinji Kamuro, retired. Mob, despite doing his best to impress Tsubomi, completely messed up his speech and was feeling miserable when a girl named Emi confessed to him. Mob and Emi went out, but it turned out she only went along because of a lost bet. When Emi was getting teased by her friends, Mob stood up for her and fixed her torn apart manuscript, ending the mini-arc with Tsubomi looking up stating "that wasn't so bad".

Urban Legend Arc

Chapters 53 to 58


Reigen and Mob went on a trip to advertise for their agency and solve urban legend myths, when they ran into Banshoumaru Shinra who was upset that they were stealing business from him. After some convincing by Reigen, they agreed to look for the Kuchisake-onna, the Jinmenken, the dashing granny and the red raincoat, with the latter 3 being bogus. However, the kuchisake-onna turned out to be a real yōkai manifested from people's fear of her. Despite being practically unbeatable by anyone who feared her, Mob, being socially awkward, was unaware of the myth and exorcised her with ease. The arc concluded with Reigen making his own homepage.

Next, Reigen and Mob took on an assignment to invest the paranormal activities at a girl high school, forced to disguise themselves as girls. While Reigen was unable to infiltrate the building, Mob by himself singlehandedly exorcised the evil spirit who was haunting the school. On the verge of disappearing, the evil spirit reminded Mob that he was just like him when he was alive.

During their mission to exorcise an evil spirit possessing a crop field, Mob learned the ability to control plants. Reigen gave Mob a pack of broccoli seeds as payment for their job.

Mob started to question his own perception of the world, after he and Reigen brought a stalker esper to justice. When an assignment forced Mob to exorcise a harmless ghost family, Mob struggled hard to do so. Reigen promptly cancelled the assignment, understanding that Mob's perception of the world was different. The arc concluded with Mob asking himself, what would happen if he would turn against the world.

Keiji Mogami Arc

Chapters 59 to 67


One day after school, Mob was bullied by some high schoolers, but Dimple, Ritsu and the Body Improvement Club stepped in to help him. Later Mob and Reigen went to do an exorcism for a rich man named Masashi Asagiri. Upon arriving, they saw that he had hired many other psychics as well, including Banshoumaru Shinra and Kirin Shoudou, leader of the Sun Psychic Union. Asagiri described how his daughter, Minori, was possessed by an evil spirit and he had been forced to lock her up. They did rock-paper-scissors to determine what order the psychics got to go in and see her in. Reigen won by analyzing his opponents' hand movements to predict what they would do whilst Mob got 49th out of 58. Reigen went in and talked to Minori. It seemed as though she was not possessed at all, making many of the psychics think that Asagiri was just abusing her, but Reigen noticed inconsistencies in Minori's conversation with him, causing the spirit to reveal itself. Dimple recognized the spirit as Keiji Mogami, a former psychic.

While the psychics went in to exorcise the spirit one by one, Dimple explained who Mogami was, warning Mob and Reigen not to get involved. However Mob tried to exorcise Mogami from Minor's body anyway. Eventually Mob realized that Mogami was rooted too deep in Minori and decided to use an out-of-body experience to go inside of Minori to chase the spirit out. Succeeding in leaving his body, Mogami attempted to possess Mob's body but Dimple was already inhabiting it, allowing Mob to enter Minori's body whilst Mogami was distracted.

Mogami explained to Mob how they were in a mental world and he could bend it to his will. He demonstrated this by making Mob think he could damage him while there, before taking away his powers and defeating Mob. Mogami explained that psychic powers were fueled by emotions and that negative emotions were stronger. He crafted the mental world into an exact copy of Mob's life except that he had no powers, friends or family. Minori also transferred into his class and she led her classmates in constantly bullying Mob. The high schoolers that bullied Mob earlier also showed up and Mob was powerless to stop them. Even Ritsu was a stranger in this world and he did nothing to help Mob. Over the course of 30 minutes in the real world, Mob experienced 6 months in the mental world with all of his negative emotions building up. After an incident where Mob was powerless to save a stray cat from Minori and her friends, Mogami explained his backstory and why he despised people who use others.

Dimple managed to use Mob's powers to open the door and let the other psychics go free, but he stayed and decided to go into Minori's body and save Mob. Meanwhile, Mob was getting beat up my Minori and her friends, so Mogami gave him his powers back. Mob immediately turned the tables and was about to kill one of has bullies. Dimple showed up and brought Mob's memory back. Mogami questioned if Mob would change his attitude now that he knew there were people not worth saving, but Mob described that this experience had taught him that people can change. Mogami then revealed that the people in this world were actually all of the spirits he had absorbed. They started attacking Mob, who was determined to save Minori at least. Mob unleashed the power of his courage on Mogami and defeated the army of spirits. Mogami's defeat released a mass of spirits that even he could not control, which proceeded to destroy Mob's body. Mob eventually is overwhelmed by the giant monster, but reaches ???% and blasts the entire world apart.

Mob woke up in his own body. Mogami left Minori's body and attempted to leave the Asagiri residence, but Matsuo captured him into a flask, renaming him Pudding-chan.

Minori woke up and walked up to Mob. She could see everything that happened in her head and saw how Mogami portrayed her. Mob asked her if she actually acted like that in real life which she confirmed. Minori started crying and apologising over and over again. Mob said it was okay because now he saw that people could change.

Minori and her dad were in the hospital with the former revealing that she was starting to forget everything that had happened. They then found the website for the Psycho Helmet Cult and decided to donate money to the cult, which Reigen refused as payment.

Separate Ways Arc

Chapters 68 to 73


When Mob was torn between his friends and his work as a disciple of Reigen, he finally realized that Reigen was just using him for his psychic powers. As Mob and Reigen went their separate ways, Reigen also realized, after a night at the bar, that he had no friends and that his life was a little miserable. Even though Mob left him he reminded himself that he himself started this business and could go on without Mob's help. As he was by himself he started to change. He began to film the process of exorcising and uploading it to the net, giving free courses to prevent people getting tricked by frauds and giving people advice about their life. Reigen's reputation increased and he was soon known as "Spice City's bro".

A few days later Reigen was interviewed by magazines and even offered to be on a television show. He gladly accepted as it could make him even more famous. However, the show was actually a set-up by Kirin Shoudou to exploit Reigen as a fraud due to Shoudou having a grudge after discovering that Reigen knee'd him in the face while possessed by Keiji Mogami. Due to the hoax, Reigen was revealed to be fraudulent and was completely humiliated. Rumours about him being a fraudster increased and his old customers even created a group of Reigen's "victims".

Mob eventually heard the news but didn't get worried. He believed it was all his master's plan to get even more famous. Eventually, Reigen was hunted down by reporters and detectives hired by TV and magazines, and he was forced to explain himself at a press conference. The night before the conference he tried to build up a plan to confront the media. Even so, when the conference finally got underway, he found himself backed into the corner and he began to mock the media, claiming that they have no proof that he was not a psychic. After a while he was asked the question of why he entered the supernatural business at all. Reigen thought back three years to when he first met Mob, realising that it was Mob's psychic powers that inspired him. Regretting that he had only used Mob he smiled at the camera and said "You have grown up" whereupon the whole conference building starts to shake and cameras begin to hover. The media was freaked out believing that it was Reigen's doing and accused him. Afterwards Reigen met up with Mob and Dimple, asking why they came. Mob answered that there was no particular reason, but Reigen still asked him if he now knew his true identity, after what the media discovered. Mob simply answered that he knew Reigen's true identity all along, that he was a "good person".

The arc ended with the Psycho Helmet Cult analysing the footage of the conference and seeing the back of Mob's head and drawing the conclusion that he was "Lord Psycho Helmet" and that he was behind the event.

World Domination Arc

Chapters 74 to 91


Mob, back from the school's marathon after passing out but feeling accomplished, came back home only to find his house on fire and his parents and Ritsu apparently murdered and burned. On the verge of exploding emotionally, Dimple calmed him down and pointed out that the bodies were fake. Mob started looking for espers only to find two Scars from the main branch of Claw looking for him, none of whom knowing what had happened to his family.

Koyama and Sakurai suddenly showed up to unite Mob with the rest of the gang, including the esper kids from the Awakening Lab, most of the former 7th Division's Scars and Reigen. It turned out Claw was going for an all-out attack against the city, whilst getting rid of all obstacles that might pose a threat. Mob fell asleep after Reigen's comfort.

Elsewhere, the boss of Claw gets ready to mobilise their forces with Hatori of the Super 5 hijacking the signal in order for the boss to announce Claw's plans of world domination. Meanwhile Shou and Ritsu planned their move to take down Claw's boss, Touichirou Suzuki, who turned out to be Shou's father. Later on, Touichirou ordered Shimazaki of the Super 5 to capture the prime minister, which he did effortlessly. However, Teru intercepted him and tried to save the prime minister but, despite Teru's great progress and best effort, he was no match for Shimazaki's teleportation ability and ultimately ended up being defeated. As Claw properly set their plan into motion, the government was powerless to stop the organisation's esper army as they tore buildings apart and sent cars flying.

While the rest of the gang were on their way to infiltrate the tower Claw had taken over, Touichirou sent Shibata of the Super 5 and a group of espers to find and eliminate Mob, who was still asleep. Reigen managed to take out the group of espers but also inadvertently turned Shibata into an implacable juggernaut hell-bent on crushing Mob in the process. Dimple took possession of Mob's body and escaped, but was forced to fight back when Shibata was about to hurt a crowd of people including Tsubomi. After Shibata hit Mob's body into the Body Improvement Club, they attempted to stop him but got massively overpowered, leaving only Musashi left to protect Mob. Musashi stated that it was Mob's determination and tenacity that gave them the courage to go on, and that he would protect Mob. Dimple took possession of Musashi and released the full usage of his muscles, surpassing Shibata's psychically-augmented muscular strength. Mob finally awakened and defeated Shibata for good.

Mob, on his way to the tower, was forced to fight an esper group of Claw, until Minegishi of the Super 5 arrived to stop him. Matsuo came to Mob's aid but lost the flask he used to seal Mogami to the esper group. Despite his warning, the espers shattered the flask, releasing a very angry and seemingly unstoppable Mogami. When Mogami was about to crush Minegishi, Mob pleaded for Mogami to let him live because of how Minegishi can still become a better person. Mogami left, giving Mob the advice to be more strict towards others, as this would make Mob unbeatable.

The rest of the gang got intercepted and were quickly defeated by Shimazaki. Shimazaki, who then intercepted Shou and Ritsu, let Shou pass only to focus on Ritsu but before he could deal the finishing blow, the entire group showed up to assist Ritsu. Despite their best effort, it seemed impossible to defeat Shimazaki. However, with Teru's prompting, the group took the advantage until Shimazaki went all-out and quickly took them all of them down. In his heightened state, Shimazaki noticed Mob's presence and got ready to confront him, only to be defeated by Reigen.

Meanwhile, Shou effortlessly took down Hatori and finally confronted his father. The fight did not go as Shou had planned when he found out how his father's power worked and Shou was soundly defeated.

Mob freed the prime minister and met with Serizawa, the last and apparently most powerful of the Super 5. It turned out Serizawa was a social shut-in because of his power incontinence, but Touichirou offered him a job and a way to control his power. Serizawa firmly believed in his boss' ideology, but Mob convinced him through his own emotions.

Mob eventually confronted Touichirou and saw the kind of person he was, beginning the battle between the boss of Claw and the powerful middle schooler. Mob, despite his best efforts, was unable to convince Touichirou who was completely power obsessed and delusional. Through a gradual shift of 100% emotions, Mob forced Touichirou to go 100% with his own power, which in turn made him lose control over it, causing Touichirou to turn into a living bomb capable of wiping out the whole city. Mob, showing his kindness to Touichirou, redirected the power into his body, leading to a seemingly smaller explosion that kept the city safe.

In the aftermath, Touichirou admitted his mistake and allowed himself to be taken into custody, after apologising to Shou. On television, it was shown that the apparent huge explosion actually caused the sudden growth of the broccoli seed that Mob kept in this pocket, forming the Divine Tree.

Divine Tree Arc

Chapters 92 to 97


The giant broccoli, now known as the Divine Tree, had gathered groups of worshippers, all of whom attempted to claim the tree as their own. Meanwhile, Mob was trying to figure out his future prospects when he realised that everyone else already had plans for their future. Reigen encouraged Mob to do whatever he thought was right, and it turned out Serizawa had now also joined Reigen's agency.

While Mob was thinking about what he wanted to do for the school's culture festival, Haruaki Amakusa, a yōkai hunter who was drawn to Spice City because of the Divine Tree's recent activities, sought help from Reigen to get rid of the Great Yōkai King. The assignment went smoothly, with the remaining yōkai all being absorbed by the Divine Tree not long afterwards.

Mob, feeling confident lately as he noticed how girls were apparently paying attention to him, got overconfident and told Dimple off after questioning the latter's motivation for doing bad deeds.

Mezato had convinced Mob to join the cult meeting to introduce himself as their leader they're looking for, however Mob got stood up because an impostor showed up, causing everyone present to witness his power and make them forget about everything else. Mob, feeling slightly let down for no longer being in charge, watched the debut of Psycho Helmet with Reigen, where they noticed that Psycho Helmet was using his power to grow broccoli.

Reigen and Mob took on an assignment to investigate the cracks that had been showing up all over the city and came to the conclusion that the broccoli's roots were slowly devouring the city.

Meanwhile, the cult was distributing powders made from the Divine Tree which, after consumption, turned citizens into Psycho Helmet's brainwashed slaves. Minegishi, now working as a florist, noticed the cracks that had been spreading all over the city. In an attempt to send the roots back, he was instead drained of his powers and fainted. Teru, who almost got brainwashed after consuming chocolates made of the tree's powder, decided to chase Psycho Helmet out of the city. During their clash, he found out that it was Dimple behind everything, attempting to become a god of the modern world once again.

Ritsu, who teams up with Mob and Reigen on their way to cut off the divine tree, gets brainwashed by a gift candy he received from school, and instead tries to convince them to give up on hurting the tree. Mob and Reigen have to leave Ritsu behind and flee. They realize that most citizens in the city have been brainwashed, attempting to stop them. After analyzing Psycho Helmet's motivations, Reigen comes to the conclusion that Mob is only jealous of Psycho Helmet because the latter is fulfilling what Mob couldn't. Mob in turn starts questioning if Reigen has been brainwashed as well.

Now completely alone is his goal, Mob continues onward to the tree. As he nears it, he sees a massive crowd surrounding him. Dimple gives out an order to allow mob to approach the tree, and the crowd parts. As mob goes, he sees Tsubomi as one of the hypnotized, which bothers him greatly.

Dimple tells the brainwashed that Mob was the first Lord Psycho Helmet, and that they will rule together. The crowd cheers, and Mob enters the tunnel to the trunk.

Now alone with the esper, Dimple tries to convince mob to join him, pointing out the hypnotized remain much if not all their original personality. He tells mob that, as the cult coleader, Tsubomi would definitely accept his confession. Mob sees the defeated and bound Teruki, and a Psycho Helmet clone appears behind him.

Dimple tries again to convince mob, but he frees Teruki. To his surprise, extended exposure to the tree has finally broken the esper, and Teruki defends Psycho helmet, forcing mob to defend himself by blowing him out of the tree.

Mob fights with an army of broccoli men, before dimple himself appears. Dimple confesses to Mob that he had always intented to betray him, and the two fight.

Dimple uses the tree to drain Mobs powers quickly, but his reserves are so great he hardly notices.

Eventually, Mob realizes Dimple wasn't being entirely truthful when he declared his traitorous intentions, and blows away the rest of his power reserves (and the top of the tree) in one massive blast.

Mob tells dimple that power is an obstacle to communication, and the two discuss their feelings, goals, motivations, and morals. Mob realizes that the reason Dimple kept trying to convince him, rather than simple killing him, was because the spirit had begun to care for him. Dimple agrees to stop trying to become God, and carries the exhausted esper home.

Mob passes out on Dimples back, and he wonders what a ghostly piggyback looks like, before Dimple sees the exit close. The tree itself had slowly become sentient, and it demands that Dimple leave mob behind as Nutrients.

Dimple refuses and fights the tree.

Unfortunately, he loses. Dimple uses the last of his power to hypnotize mob into fleeing, before being devoured by the tree. This, once again, destroys his utterly.

The arc ends with the tree flying away, and all of seasoning city experiences mass amnesia.

Telepathy Arc

Chapter 98


It is almost winter break, and it is getting closer to Tome's end of year exams, and her Salt Mid graduation date. She talks to the Telepathy Club about how the club will naturally come to an end without having created any memories and gets a mediocre response from them. She starts crying, and breaks down in front of the apathetic club members. After realizing that the Telepathy Club didn't mean as much to the other members, she calms down and leaves the room stating that the Telepathy Club is now disbanded.

The Telepathy Club realizes then exactly how much the Telepathy Club means to Tome, and that she was more serious about contacting the aliens with Telepathy then they realized. They then go to Mob's house to ask him if he can learn telepathy. Mob says that he can't, and Inukawa breaks down in front of Mob, and then explains the situation. After Inukawa explains the situation, Ritsu states that he knows some people who can use telepathy, and offers to call them up.

The Telepathy Club, Mob and Ritsu then meet the Shiratori Brothers, Kaito and Daichi, in a playground. They say that they can only use telepathy between themselves, but they can send out an annoying telepathic signal that, with the help of another esper, could be used to attract other telepaths. Everyone then goes into the Body Improvement club room, where Mob helps the Shiratori Brothers emit telepathic noise. Soon, Takenaka appears in the Body Improvement club room. He states that he came to the room because it was cold outside, and he didn't want to collect tennis balls, as he usually has to do as part of the Tennis Club. After finding out what they are doing, Takenaka proceeds to mock them for still being obsessed with find telepaths, calling them creepy. Mob and the Shiratori brothers decided to ignore him, and continue on to emit the noise. Takenaka increasing mocking them, until he snaps and asks them to stop that annoying noise. It turns out that Takenaka is a telepath.

Takenaka reveals how disappointed he was by the telepathy clubs total lack of actual psychic ability. The club is eventually able to convince him to help them contact aliens. The group contacts Kurata tome and convinces her to join them, and calls Reigen for a ride. Reigen, Mob, Kurata, Takenaka, and the remaining telepathy members go to a mountain outside seasoning city with a history of alien sightings. They are unsuccessful in contacting aliens, and Takenaka tells them that the sightings were largely unconfirmed. Kurata doesn't mind, enjoying the trip. As they turn to leave, actual aliens show up. They are taken up to the ship, where they have a party. As the humans leave, they give gifts to the aliens. Inukawa gives them his handheld gaming device, which they mistake as a desire to immigrate. The other humans are returned to the mountain as the sun rises, but Inukawa is taken to their homeworld. He remains there for 10 earth days before finally returning. 

???% Arc

Chapters 99 onwards


After hearing that Tsubomi is moving away, Mob works up his courage to confess. He receives gifts, encouragement, or advice from most of his allies, notably Toshiko Minegishi, who gives him a large bouquet of flowers. He arranges to meet Tsubomi at the park where he first revealed his abilities.

On his way to meet her, Mob is hit by a car, severely injuring him, and activating ???%. ???% goes on a rampage, slowly continuing towards his original goal to confess to tsubomi. Teruki, Shou and Toichiro Suzuki, the body improvement club, and Ritsu all attempt to stop or calm him. All are unsuccessful, but Ritsu is able to awaken Mobs conscience inside ???%, though he has no control over his body. Mob directly confronts ???%, but is slowly robbed of his self identity. Reigen appears to try to stop ???%, and is attacked. Despite this, he continues to call out to his student.

No matter the abuse ???% hurls at him, Reigen advances. As he gets close, ???% and Mob discover he's only survived by borrowing the power of a recently resurrected dimple. Reigen insists Mob listen to him.

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