Super Qigong
Super Aura
Battle Data
Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid-range
Manga Omake - Aura
Teruki Hanazawa
Super Qigong[1] is a psychic technique developed by Takeuchi. This miraculous technique emits qi from the user's body to the outside.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • Whenever Super Qigong is used, a specific kanji appears alongside with it. The first time it was seen the kanji was "気" (ki, "spirit"),[2] the second time the kanji was "才" (sai, "talent")[3] and the third time the kanji was "ボツ" (botsu).[4]
  • Despite how miraculous this technique is described as being, Super Qigong is probably the psychic technique with the least understood mechanics.


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