I'd like to propose using "esper" instead of "Esper" on this wiki. I keep seeing "Esper" in tons of articles, so I wanted to make it a discussion instead of just going in and changing it whenever I see it...

The word "esper" comes from the abbreviation ESP, for "extrasensory perception." The original capitalization would be "ESPer," but that looks unnatural and isn't necessary, so I really think we should stick with "esper." As for the option of "Esper," capitalizing just the one letter doesn't make any sense. That's treating it more like a surname (and it is a surname that exists, apparently) than an improper noun. Only proper nouns need to get capitalized in English, you know?

So yeah. Improper noun. Let's all write "esper" in lowercase from now on. Is that okay?

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