Wiggly Figure
Wiggly Figure
Personal Details
Status Exorcised
Race Evil Spirit
Spirit Details
Specialisation Poltergeist Phenomenon
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 57

Wiggly Figure (くねくね Kunekune) was an upper-class evil spirit who made his home ruining the crops of a farmer.


Wiggly Figure (true form)

Wiggly Figure's true form

He was a spirit that resided in the plants of the land. After first hiding in a scarecrow, he amassed roots together to take the form of a rudimentary face and limbless body. Wiggly Figure's true form was the remains of a skull with the bottom jaw missing.


Wiggly Figure was very confident in his power and believed that everything in the fields was his to consume.


He had been haunting and ruined the crops of the farmer for three years before Reigen and Mob arrived to exorcise him.[1]


Wiggly Figure revealed himself when Arataka Reigen and Mob came to exorcise him. After Mob blew away the scarecrow, Wiggly Figure showed his true power and entangled the two. Mob initially tried blasting all of the roots in order to destroy him, to no avail. After Wiggly Figure planted the two of them under the earth, Mob learned how to control the plants enabling him to override Wiggly Figure's control. After being dug out of the ground, Wiggly Figure tried to attack again, but Mob quickly exorcised him for good.

Powers & Abilities

Wiggly Figure was able to absorb the life force of the crops of the land,[2] which was the reason for the crops failing. He was a powerful upper-class level evil spirit who was able to control the roots and plants of the land.[3]


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